James S. Henry

James S. Henry

James S. Henry is a leading economist, attorney and investigative journalist who has written extensively about capital flight, tax havens, and Donald Trump’s private Russian/FSU connections. James served as Chief Economist at the international consultancy firm McKinsey & Co. As an investigative journalist, his work has appeared in numerous documentaries (Sundance, TIFF, Amazon Prime, Zembla, ZDF,  France Arte, etc) and numerous publications like Foreign Affairs, The New Republic, The American Interest, The Nation and The New York Times. He was the lead researcher of the recently released report titled ‘The Price of Offshore Revisited.’ His books include Pirate Bankers (2022, in process, Col U Press); Poggee and Mehta, ed, Global Tax Fairness (Oxford, 2016) (longest essay); The Blood Bankers (Basic Books, 2093,2005); Banqueros y Llavadolores (Bogota: Tercer Mundo, 1996); and (with Paul Starr and Ray

Bonner), The Discarded Army: Vietnam Vets and the VA (NY: Charterhouse, 1974). 

James S. Henry, Esq.

Global Justice Fellow, Yale U.

Sr Fellow, Col. U. Center
On Sustainable Investment

Bd Member, Amnesty US (‘20-1)

Contrib Ed, American Interest
Poynter Prize (Yale)
Edward R. Murrow Fellow (Fletcher)
Member, NY Bar (1979-)
Sr Advisor, TJN

Managing Director
Sag Harbor Group (SHG Inc.)
strategy design + execution
PO Box 2668
Sag Harbor, New York 11963